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[CCOM²] is a ground-breaking healthcare risk analytics solution developed by physicians to enhance risk transparency and decision making at the executive level.

By leveraging unique insights about clinical workflows [CCOM²] generates real-time analytics about which risks matter most in terms of patient safety, clinical service disruption, financial resiliency and regulatory harm. 

Embed [CCOM²] in your solution or managed service and drive executive engagement like never before.

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Business Meeting

Timur Ozekcin, CEO, Cylera


[CCOM²] integrated with Cylera creates a seamless experience for users who need the unparalleled clinical risk analysis we can now deliver together. There is nothing else like this out there today.”

Doctor Examining CT Scan

Neil Perry, Director of Digital Transformation, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust


“Medical devices and IoT devices are critical to our ability to provide the best patient care possible to our local community. Through Cylera’s patented technologies and integration with AbedGraham’s [CCOM²] analytics we are now able to identify cyber risks associated with this foundational approach.”


Powered by Clinical Insights


[CCOM²] is a 'black box' developed by a dedicated team of doctors that contains models and simulations of all the different types of clinical workflows you could find in today's hospitals. Using these complex insights, [CCOM²] quantifies risks in real time based on how severely they could disrupt patient care and clinical services.


Metrics That Matter


[CCOM²] has been developed exclusively to map risks in healthcare environments by focusing on business outcomes rather than inaccessible technical metrics. 

[CCOM²] analytics can be used to segment regions, hospitals, departments and even individual devices in terms of the risk profiles by answering four key questions for executives:

- Will patients be harmed and how severely?

- Will services be disrupted or stop running?

- Will it be expensive to recover?

- Will we be fined and our reputation damaged?


Deploy Rapidly and at Scale


[CCOM²] has been developed to be deployed swiftly with minimal technical requirements for technology vendors and managed service providers in healthcare. As a cloud based solution, sending and receive couldn't be simpler via API. 

We will guide you about the type of data your can share with [CCOM²] and how best to visualize it with your customers for maximum impact. Coupled with a flexible licensing model that scales to meet your precise needs it couldn't be easier to embed [CCOM²] as part of your capabilities today.

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