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[CCOM²] is a ground-breaking Clinical Security Analytics Platform developed by physicians that protects hospitals from cyber-attacks by quantifying and prioritizing IoT and OT vulnerabilities that present the greatest risks to patient safety and clinical services. It's the only solution truly optimized for complex healthcare environments and highlights the impactful steps you can take against disruptive threats such as ransomware attacks.

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Business Meeting

Timur Ozekcin, CEO, Cylera


[CCOM²] integrated with Cylera creates a seamless experience for users who need the unparalleled clinical risk analysis we can now deliver together. There is nothing else like this out there today.”

Doctor Examining CT Scan

Neil Perry, Director of Digital Transformation, Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust


“Medical devices and IoT devices are critical to our ability to provide the best patient care possible to our local community. Through Cylera’s patented technologies and integration with AbedGraham’s [CCOM²] analytics we are now able to identify cyber risks associated with this foundational approach.”


Protect Clinical Services


[CCOM²] is a black box analytics platform developed by a dedicated team of doctors that contains models and simulations of all the different types of clinical workflows you could find in today's hospitals. Using these complex insights, [CCOM²] quantifies and ranks any detected hospital IoT, OT and network infrastructure vulnerabilities in  real time based on how severely they could disrupt patient care.


Prevent Ransomware Attacks


[CCOM²] analyzes, in real-time, any device that can be detected on a hospital's network. From IoT medical devices to workstations and network infrastructure, such as servers and appliances, [CCOM²] quantifies the clinical workflow risks associated with the failure or compromise of any endpoint.


With that granularity CISOs can authorize impactful remediation strategies, incident response plans and engage with non-technical leadership to request additional resources justified by threats to patient safety such as ransomware attacks.


Engage Executive Management


[CCOM²] generates meaningful analytics using the language of healthcare management. Use [CCOM²] to generate regular executive reports about enterprise clinical risk by site, department, manufacturer and products all displayed over time so that executives can understand a hospital's true risk profile and how it's evolving.

Since the platform is also available as a native integration or managed service through a range of partners including IBM X-Force Red, Cylera and First Health Advisory its a powerful solution to translate cybersecurity investments into executive engagement.

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