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Transforming Cybersecurity into Patient Safety

[CCOM²] is a Clinical Risk Analytics Engine developed by physicians that's available as a powerful enhancement within leading cybersecurity products and services. It creates powerful benefits for healthcare leaders by:

  • Quantifying which endpoints and vulnerabilities present the most severe risks to patient care and clinical services

  • Prioritizing remediation and incident response activities based on their impact on patient safety

  • Empowering communication between security and clinical leadership 

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[CCOM²] is an embedded analytics module available through healthcare's leading cybersecurity solution and service providers

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Disruptive Cyber-Attacks are compromising Patient Safety 

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Ambulance Diversions

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Delayed Diagnostics

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Cancelled Appointments & Procedures

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Medication Errors

How do you identify the risks that are most likely to impact patient care?

[CCOM²] cuts through the noise and identifies the risks that matter most

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[CCOM²] analyzes and quantifies clinical risks from all digital sources ranging from medical devices to network infrastructure and end-user computing

[CCOM²] optimizes remediation activities by guiding your team's focus on endpoints and vulnerabilities that present the greatest immediate and tangible threats to patient safety and clinical services

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[CCOM²] translates technical cybersecurity data into powerful clinical and business metrics empowering CISO engagement and reporting with hospital executives about risk from the CMIO to the CEO

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