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About [CCOM²] & The AbedGraham Group

The AbedGraham Group (TAG) is a globally leading healthcare cybersecurity services and technology group based in London, England. Since 2011, our team's unique blend of clinical experience and cybersecurity expertise has been leveraged by government agencies, health IT vendors, cybersecurity companies and healthcare systems to help them analyse threats to patient safety in their environments and shape their clinical risk management plans.


Notable engagements include working with IBM to help develop and deliver the English National Health Service's (NHS) Cyber Security Operations Centre (CSOC) following the 2017 WannaCry Ransomware Attack. To date, this is one of the most sophisticated security capabilities dedicated to healthcare worldwide.


Our co-founders, Dr Abed and Dr Graham, both medical doctors by background, are some of the most highly sought after experts and commentators on the impact of cyber-crime on patient safety. Independent of their activities with TAG they are engaged on an ongoing basis by multi-national entities such as the European Commission and World Health Organization.

[CCOM²] is a highly powerful risk analytics platform that has been developed and used internally by physicians at TAG for many years for patient safety based risk quantification. It is now adopted and embedded as a modular offering within the solutions of third party cybersecurity products (e.g. Medigate by Claroty) and Managed Service Providers (e.g. First Health Advisory). It augments existing powerful security tools by adding clinical context and  prioritising risks based on their patient safety impact.

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